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Making Bad Addictions Counselor Jobs Hiring Decisions

Are you the one who fills the addictions counselor jobs in your organization? The cost of making bad hiring decision may be much higher than you think.

Making Bad Addictions Counselor Jobs Hiring Decisions

It can be downright frustrating for the professionals that are searching for and interviewing for these positions because the hiring process can be very lengthy.  What many don’t realize is that, depending on the organization and the position, the cost of hiring the wrong person for a job can cost up to 2.5 times that person’s salary.  The Harvard Business Review also points out that as much as 80% of employee turnover is due to bad hiring decisions.

Why are these costs so high?  The costs are high because the cost of hiring can be high.  There are interview expenses such as travel, hotels and addictions counselormeals, training and orientation, employment testing, benefits such as Cobra, unemployment costs, relocation costs and much more.  If you are hiring the wrong people, you are costing your company a ton of cash.   Not only that, there are other costs that are more difficult to quantify.  If you are bringing the wrong people through the door, you are no doubt affecting the morale of the existing employees, potentially losing clients and taking a hit in customer satisfaction levels.

So, if this is all so costly, why do we hire and bring on board the wrong people so often.  A recent survey by Robert Half, showed that the top factor in leading to a failed hire was a poor skills match.  The second most common factor was unclear performance objectives.  So, if you are not crystal clear when you list an addictions counselor position as to what the skillset required for that position is, you’re starting off behind the eight ball.  Once you get this part right, you need to hire specifically to match those skills and this needs to be a primary concern.  The fact that someone who interviews is in your running club should not play a factor here.    Finally, performance measures should always be clear and followed up on frequently, especially with new hires.

Another factor that leads to people not working out in a new company is a matter of culture.  All organizations have their own culture, or flavor, and should be hiring to this as well as to skills.   There should be some definition of a company’s culture that is written down and can be shared as well so that it’s not a mystery.

If you want to make sure that you are getting the best employees in the right positions in your company, there are several things that you can do.  One of them is to not rush things.  Take your time and don’t feel that you have to stuff someone into an open position just to get it filled. This can and will be costly for you in the future.  The second is know what you are looking for and use all of the resources available to you to look hard at each of your candidates to find the right addictions counselor who is a fit for the job and your organizations culture.

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