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Negotiating Salary Tips for Addiction Jobs

So you are in the running for one or more addiction jobs and want to be prepared for negotiating salary when the time comes.  Many people mistakenly think that they have to simply take whatever is offered to them at the time of job offer.  This isn’t really the case and depends on several factors.  If you are willing to play the game and hold out for more, you could end up in your new job with a great deal more money than you were originally offered.  Here are some tips for negotiating salary with addiction jobs:

Salary Negotiation with Addiction Jobs

  • Do your research.  Your ability to negotiate salary depends a lot on your local job market.  This mean the economy where you live and the market for your particular jobs.  You can find some good information about these sorts of things on sites like:, and jobs negotiating salary
  • Put a value on your services.  You have spend a good amount of time selling yourself to these companies and letting them know how your particular skill-set will benefit them.  What you need to do now is to put a monetary value on those skills.  Think “return on investment”.  How will hiring you save the company money or make the company a ton of money?  Be ready to cite situations in which your services have contributed to the bottom line and bring forth those examples during your salary negotiations.
  • Don’t volunteer.  Don’t be the first one to bring up salary, ever.  If asked about salary early on in an interview, try tactics to put the discussion off for as long as possible.  Try something like, “My #1 priority to make sure that we are good fit and I’d prefer to concentrate on those factors before getting into salary.”
  • Consider the perks.  When salary negotiations are underway and it appears as though the company not really have anymore money to throw in the pot, consider that there are non-cash forms of compensation that can be negotiated.  These are things like time off, flex time, working from home and anything else that you can think of to throw on the table.
  • Always have a counteroffer.  It’s a fact that about 50% of all jobseekers accept the first offer that’s thrown out there.  However, most employers will make offers with an allowance in case there is a counteroffer.  There is no harm in asking for what you want.  When you do this, be confident, not cocky, and have a prioritized summary of your offer the salary and benefits.

Claim Your Higher Salary

In the end, the biggest factor in determining whether you get a higher salary for one of those addiction jobs that you interviewed for is based entirely on whether or not you ask for it.  So, do your research – and ask!  Most companies are expecting this and are willing to negotiate if they really want you to come to work for them.  However, the vast majority of employees never even bother to try.