addiction job candidates you don't hire

What To Say to the Addiction Job Candidates You Don’t Hire

What To Say to the Addiction Job Candidates You Don’t Hire

One of the least favorite things that managers do is hire and fire staff.  It can be a tedious process, filled with uncomfortable revelations.   With regards to the hiring process, one of these is letting candidates know that they didn’t get the job.  Many hiring managers just play possum once the position is filled and candidates are left wondering if that interview was simply a figment of their imagination.  If this has been your modus operandi in the the past, consider the probably grueling process of one your past job searches.  The worst part isn’t finding out that you didn’t get the job – it’s hearing absolutely nothing at all and never knowing.   The key word here is: closure.  Let’s all just be done with this and move on.

Let Them Know!

So, how do you tell those addiction job candidates that you didn’t hire that they didn’t get the job?  Here are a few tips to get you through:

Be Honest

Let the job candidates know as soon as you make the determination that they are no longer in the running for the position.   If it is right after the interview, a simple email is ok but a quick phone call is always better, particularly if you are the one that conducted the are not hired

Give Feedback

Instead of just stating the standard, “We’re moving in a different direction,” let them know why they didn’t get the job.  For example, another candidate’s educational background may have been a stronger fit or their work experience more closely modeled the open position.  If you have criticism, be honest but kind in how you deliver it.

Be Positive

Searching for a job is tough and you’re delivering yet another blow.  Be sure to thank the candidate for the interest in your company and the position and wish them luck in their endeavors.

Building Relationships and Branding

As you go through this process, consider that you are also in the process of relationship building and branding for your company.  You are solidifying a professional relationship that may later be of benefit to you and your organization.  Also, how you treat potential job candidates can reflect either positively or negatively on how people view and portray your organization to others.  You are participating in building a positive, caring brand for your organization when you personally communicate with your addiction job candidates that you don’t hire.

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