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Dress for Success for Your Addictions Job Interview

Dress for Success for Your Addictions Job Interview

So you’ve landed that awesome addictions job interview and want to make the best impression possible?  That’s starts with Dressing for Success for your interview!

In the olden days – you know, like in the 80′s – everyone wore their power suits and heels to their power lunches and power meetings and big interviews.  Things have certainly relaxed over recent years, but not as much as some people tend to think.   While there are plenty of “relaxed” companies out there now that allow employees to work in shorts, t-shirts and sandals, this NOT what you would wear for an interview with said company.   Remember, first impressions are key and a big part of that is your appearance.   Hiring managers are taking a look at you in that first 30 seconds and trying to visualize you in the position.  If you’re standing there in your ripped Sex Pistols t-shirt, you’re making it difficult on the both of you.

Nicole Williams, LinkedIn’s career expert and best-selling author agrees.

On a job interview, your attire makes a statement about yourself before you even open your mouth,” she says. “A scuffed shoe, a messy bag, or a low cut shirt can speak volumes. You need to wear your ‘power outfit.’ Have a favorite skirt that always makes you feel great when you wear it? Why not pair that with a blazer? It’s okay to show off your personality through your clothes, as long as you aren’t wearing a lime green mini skirt. Stick to business-professional looks.

Creating Your Work Wardrobe

Don’t have a work wardrobe at all and not sure where to start?  Not a problem!  We love infographics and found this great one from Mint.com that tells you exactly how to go about putting together that first work wardrode so that it doesn’t break your budget:

dress for success for addictions job

Remember, regardless of the position, type of company or where you live, you need to step it up a little and really put some thought and effort into what you wear and how you present yourself when you interview.  I actually live at the beach and things are very laid back here.  However, when it’s time for a business meeting, people do set their flip flops aside and show respect for the business at hand.  That’s really what you’re doing when you’re investing the time and effort into your appearance and presentation – you’re showing respect both for the organization that you are meeting with and for yourself.

Dress for Success Cautions

Finally, a few things to definitely leave at home, in the car or cover up:

job interview fail

  • gum
  • cell phone
  • Coffee or soda
  • Tattoos and piercings – If you have a lot of these, consider the most conservative approach that you are comfortable with.  It may involve covering some of them up and removing some of them (piercings) for the interview process.  The addictions field is quite liberal but you also need to present an air of stability, which to some hiring managers, equates to being able to be conservative.

If you are unsure about what to wear to your interview or the company’s culture, do some online research on the company.  If all else fails, just ask.

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