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Considering a Career in Addiction? This is a Must See!

If you have been feeling the pull to get into the addictions field, maybe to work at the rehab that helped to get you sober or just to start exploring a growing and dynamic industry, then you don’t want to miss this award-winning video about pursuing a career in addiction:

There are many jobs and careers open in the substance abuse field, from entry-level to graduate level.  If you have an interest in this continually growing and rewarding industry, start exploring and applying today!

2 thoughts on “Considering a Career in Addiction? This is a Must See!

  1. Jack on Reply

    I personally have my eyes on the generation of teenagers that we are currently living with. Many of them turn to alcohol and drugs or video games to escape from reality. These can all quickly turn ugly, and this is where I want to come in to assist them. That video really inspired me, thanks alot.

  2. Erin on Reply

    The amount of lives I would save would be the winner for me. I have always enjoyed helping people with problems but never went as far as psychology. A job in addiction counseling may be a great fit for me!

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