Stay Motivated in Your Addiction Counselor Jobs Search

Addiction counselor jobs are pretty plentiful right now, but finding the right one for you and the perfect fit with an organization could take some time.  The longer you spend in your job search, the tougher it seems and motivation starts to lose it’s momentum.  Some days it can be tough to get going, search for new job openings, follow up on the ones you’ve already applied for and seem enthusiastic.  It’s important though, because employers don’t necessarily know that you’ve been at this for awhile and will always be turned off by complacency and any sign of negativity, especially in this industry.  What does all of this mean?  It means that you need to find ways to stay motivated in your jobs search!  Here are a few suggestions to do just that:

Ways to Stay Motivated in Your Addiction Counselor Jobs Search:

  • Find and Join a Job Search Group.  Yes, they have these.  You’ll be able to get together, either in person or virtually with people who are going through the same things you are.  It doesn’t addiction counselor jobshave to be in the same industry.  This will allow you to vent, socialize and get feedback on your job search efforts with things such as resume, presentation and even find out about job fairs and openings that you may not otherwise.
  • This is your job.  If you haven’t heard that you should make your job search your full time job, well now you have.  This should be something that you devote most, or all, of each work day to.  Have a to do list each day and get those things done.
  • Stay Active.  This doesn’t mean your “activity” online.  What this means is that you should continue with hobbies and sports activities that you enjoy and bring you comfort.  They don’t have to cost a lot of money, just be fun and relaxing.
  • Socialize.  This can go along with the above suggestion but the idea is to not cut yourself off from the world just because you are unemployed or on an epic job search.  Continue to go out with your employed friends, particularly if they are working in the field that you are looking to get into.  This is also known as “networking”.
  • Work!  Wait, what!?  Aren’t we looking for a job here?  Well, yes we are but that doesn’t preclude you from doing some sort of volunteer work in your chosen industry or even looking for a part-time job to bring in some money and fill the time.  I can’t tell you how many times I have heard of volunteer jobs turning into full-time dream jobs.  It happens all the time because these are the sorts of people that organizations value.
  • Think Positive.  Envision yourself in that job that you so want.  Make a point to avoid negative people who don’t want those same good things for you.  They will only serve to bring you down and you definitely don’t need that right now.  Look at every set back as an opportunity for growth and as a “practice round”, then get back in the ring!

In the end, if you follow these few suggestions, your motivation level in your addiction counselor jobs search should go through the roof and remain pretty steady.  Remember, there is a perfect job out there for you and you will find it if you continue to put in the effort and don’t give up.