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How to Recover From a Mistake at Work with Addictions Jobs

Let’s face it – some addictions jobs require us to have more balls in the air than others. Mistakes can occasionally be made and it’s tough to find out that we’ve made a mistake on the job and move on from it.  That’s what we’re going to talk about here.

How to Recover From a Mistake at Work with Addictions Jobs

First and foremost, how you react to making a mistake says a lot about you and your work ethic.  While self-preservation is a natural instinct, the covering up of mistakes is not a great spiritual principle to demonstrate when working in the substance abuse field.   There are extremes on the continuum as well, between being overly dramatic and just completely brushing off the notion that anything happened at all.  So what is the right formula for recovering from a mistake at work?

  • Step 1 – We admitted that we made a mistake at work.  We don’t blame others and only look at, and accept responsibility for, our part in addictions jobsthe matter.
  • Step 2 – Take ownership of the mistake and figure out how it happened if you don’t already know.  If an explanation is in order, give it and don’t place blame on anyone else.
  • Step 3 – Explain how you will fix the mistake.  If there are opportunities that can be garnered from the mistake, do your best to turn this situation into a positive and put a happy spin on it.
  • Step 4 – Work to correct the mistake on your own time.  Do this after work hours, during your lunch hours, or on the weekend.  This will go a long way towards building, or re-building, any lost trust or respect.
  • Step 5 – Be ready and willing to accept any repercussions.  If this mistake was a doozy, there may very well be consequences other than lack of trust and respect from bosses and co-workers.  You could be fired, denied a promotion or raise or demoted.  No matter what happens, remember that what’s done is done and continue to do what is right.
  • Step 6 – Learn and Move On.  Figure out what you can learn from this situation, apply to your life, and move on.  Don’t continue to dwell on it, talk about it or beat yourself up about it.  It won’t do anyone any good and will only serve to irritate everyone around you.

That’s it in a nutshell.  Mistakes do happen and the major ones we generally remember for years to come.  However, most are not that serious and we make them out to be much bigger mountains in our minds than the molehills that they are in reality.  Follow these simple steps to recover from a mistake at work in addictions jobs and you’ll be just fine.

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