Summary of Duties:

Develops and implements the Trainee Employee Assistance Program (TEAP) and Tobacco Use Prevention Program (TUPP) which includes assessment, intervention, counseling relapse prevention, prevention and education.

 Description of Duties:

  1. Develops and implements the TEAP program:  Provides prevention and intervention services and short-term treatment that will enhance trainee participation in the program and employability. 
  2. Promotes healthy choices that will have a positive impact on trainees’ physical and emotional well-being.  Provides trainees with information and skills that will allow them to make appropriate choices regarding health care needs and to demonstrate acceptable workplace behavior that will enhance their opportunity for employment.  Trains staff and trainees on TEAP.
  3. Ensures the TEAP program meets requirements set by DOL, Corporate and Center policies:  Ensures that TEAP is discussed with trainees before their arrival on Center during the potential candidate folder review process.  Ensures that program has components of assessment, intervention, counseling, relapse prevention, prevention, and education. 
  4. Ensures specimen collection and handling comply with chain of custody procedures.  Provides group counseling as it relates to TEAP.
    Coordinates activities with Center staff, trainees and community resources: 
  5. Works with the Center physician, health and wellness staff, and other designated staff to ensure intervention components are fully understood and integrated on-Center.  Works in conjunction with the Recreation Department to assist in developing leisure activities and incentives to reinforce drug- and alcohol-free lifestyles.   
  6. Monitors statistical performance and trainees’ accountability:  Develops and maintains a list of trainees who are or have been involved in the program.  Monitors statistical information about trainees who test positive on entry and trainees’ attainments in the program. 
  7. Maintains TEAP statistics for reporting to the DOL.  Ensures required and accurate reporting of all TEAP related data.
    Enters information into the CIS and keeps necessary files and records:   Maintains accurate hard and electronic copy files as necessary to ensure department meets DOL, Corporate, and Center expectations.  Runs CIS reports to ensure information entered is accurate.
    Supports the CDSS initiatives:  Develops and implements a productive Work-based Learning program to include the development of trainees’ employability and social skills.  Explores innovative ways to incorporate health and wellness into the trainees’ academic, CTT and leisure time learning.  Must be responsive to trainees’ conduct, abilities, and needs.


Education and Experience:

  1. Bachelor’s Degree from a four-year college or university, and/or equivalent combination of education and experience preferred.


  1. Active, unrestricted license and/or certification in accordance with state regulations to practice as an independent practitioner in the state where the center is located.
  2. Valid state driver’s license; CPR/First Aid certifications.