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Are You Employing the Right Keywords in Your Addiction Jobs Search?

If you are looking for addiction jobs online, you probably haven’t considered that choosing the right keywords for your job search efforts can play a big part in your success. Many people just throw together something that “feels right” and get moving. This can be a big, and costly, mistake.  Here are some tips for using keywords for your addiction jobs search:

Key Word Use with Addiction Jobs Search

What many people who search for jobs online don’t realize is that their resumes usually end up in a lot of databases and that these databases are “searchable” by hiring managers.  If you wish to be “found” (that’s the idea, right?), then you will want to have keywords in your resume and cover letter that will be pulled by the hiring managers doing the searching.  What you are actually doing is called “search engine optimization” (SEO) for your resume.

So, what exactly are the keywords that you’ll want to target?  These are the words and phrases that matter and will be searched by the hiring addiction jobsmanagers.  They are the things that we type into the Google box or the search box in an online jobs board when looking for open jobs or viable job candidates.  In the case of addiction jobs, they may be things like “substance abuse”, “co occurring disorders”, “peer support”, or “case manager”.  There are other things that a hiring manager may look for, which may indicate valuable skills in managing people, ie- “leading a project team”.

Other things that you may wish to focus are on are prior job titles.  If they were unconventional, like “marketing star”, switch them back to the conventional terms, such as “marketing director” so that they are easier to search and target.  Also find a way to work in the job title of the job that you are looking to get.  This is important as many hiring managers will be searching for this term.  Geographic locations are important as well.  You can find a way to state the location of your past positions, including region, in several different ways and possibly even work in the name of a targeted geographic area if this is different.

Consider including software that you are proficient in if it is relevant to the position.  Also include the names, and acronyms, of relevant industry and professional organizations to which you are a member.  It is important to include both as you don’t know which may be searched for on any given day.  Include any websites to which you are a member that are relevant as well as any online media that you are proficient with.

I think you get the idea.  There is a balance here between packing your resume and cover letter with good, relevant keywords and making it seem disingenuous and fake, though.  Also, you need to make sure that the information that you are putting out there is accurate and true.  This is important because, even if you are “found” quite frequently, if it turns out that you are just good at stuffing a resume, that’s not going to get you hired.