Chief Executive Officer
Wayside Recovery Center is seeking a Chief Executive Officer who is a well-respected industry leader in the field of substance abuse and co-occurring disorders with a passion for ensuring women and families have access to quality treatment. This strategic leader will be responsible for ensuring a collaborative and inclusive organizational culture, sustainable financial resources, and effective operating systems. The ideal candidate must be adept at building strong internal teams, developing and retaining talent, and building collaborative partnerships across all sectors. The ideal candidate will be a strategic thinker and leader with strong financial and business acumen.
The Chief Executive Officer reports to the Board of Directors and is responsible for Wayside Recovery Center’s consistent achievement of its mission, strategic plan, and financial objectives.

The Chief Executive Officer will be responsible for and must have strong skills and knowledge in the following areas:
Management Responsibilities
The executive leadership team reporting directly to the Chief Executive Officer includes the Chief Advancement Officer, Chief Operations Officer, and Chief Clinical Director.

Key Responsibilities

Community Visibility and Leadership
• Serve as the public face of Wayside Recovery Center and demonstrate vision and leadership sufficient to be able to rally financial, political, and community support to successfully maintain and grow the organization.
• Advance Wayside’s mission visibility and impact through community leadership, speaking engagements, and participation in task forces and advisor committees.
• Present at state, county, and city committee and board meetings, maintaining relevant influence regarding issues concerning Wayside funding and program needs.
• Develop, identify, and/or participate in community coalitions to effect positive social change for the women and families serves by Wayside Recovery Center.

Board and Strategy
• Support the Board Governance Committee with recruitment of new members and ongoing board development activities.
• Partner with Board and staff in creating and implementing a strategic plan and proactive policy framework for Wayside’s long-term sustainability.
• Advise the Board of current public policy issues, developments, and related statutory and regulatory changes and requirements as they pertain to Wayside Recovery Center’s operations.
Administrative, Financial, and Operational
• Create, develop, and retain a highly engaged team—both staff and board—to advance the mission and goals of the organization.
• Oversee the recruitment, selection, development, assessment, and retention of qualified and diverse staff to fill agency positions.
• Partner with the Director of Finance and other senior leaders to ensure the organization’s long-term financial health.
• Partner with the Director of Finance to oversee analysis of all accounting and budget data to ensure accurate and timely reporting of financial matters to the Board, funders, and other interested parties.
• Utilize key financial information to measure Waysides Recovery’s performance, manage risk, and make decisions regarding the best mix of investments and expenditures.

Resource Development
• Partner with the Chief Advancement Officer in fundraising activities including special events, individual and major gifts, and corporate foundations to insure adequate and sustainable funding.
• Establish and maintain positive relationships with key funders.
• Maintain positive relationships with county and state contract managers.

The successful candidate will:
• Display a commitment and passion for Wayside Recovery Center’s mission to break the cycle of addiction and trauma for women, children, and families.
• Possess a high degree of empathy and integrity.
• Build on and execute Wayside’s strategic vision and successfully achieve the mission.
• Demonstrate familiarity with healthcare issues and other public policies as they may affect women in recovery.
• Possess significant experience in a leadership position including oversight of an organization or department’s human capital, operations, and finances.
• Demonstrate aptitude for building and cultivating solid relationships with key stakeholders, including donors.
• Communicate effectively, possessing exceptional public speaking and written communication skills with various stakeholders, community organizers, and community partners.
• Lead a team and its operations through a DEI lens, working with diverse communities across race, gender, sexual identity, socio-economic class, and ethnicity.
• Exhibit an understanding and have an established track record advocating for women in low-income circumstances and those representing diverse cultures.

The successful candidate will:
• Have a master’s degree or hold a bachelor’s degree with equivalent work experience in an appropriate discipline (e.g., social sciences, public administration, business administration)
• Have 7-10 years of executive/senior management experience in social services or a related organization.

About Wayside Recovery Center

For over 65 years, Wayside Recovery Center has improved the lives of more than 32,000 women and 6,100 children in Minnesota impacted by trauma and addiction. Founded in 1954 as “The Wayside House” shelter for women, Wayside has become an expert in delivering gender-specific and trauma-informed substance use disorder (SUD) treatment and mental health services for women and their families. Wayside Recovery Center provides a holistic array of care including outpatient and residential SUD treatment, recovery support services, adult and children’s mental health therapy, long-term supportive housing, and family support services at four locations in the Twin Cities.
At Wayside, all women are empowered with the tools they need to recover and regain a life of health and wellbeing. We provide complete, personalized care for every stage of the journey—from prevention to treatment to long-term recovery. Most importantly, Wayside’s flexible, gender-specific care provides services specific to the needs of each woman, child, and family. Wherever a woman is on her recovery journey, Wayside is here to help.

Our mission is to break the cycle of addiction and trauma for women, children, and families.
Our Vision is that all women, children, and families achieve healing and hope for their future free from the effects of addiction and trauma.

Philosophy of Care
Our care experiences are guided by the client voice, the cultural preferences of all involved, the needs of the entire family system, and our commitment to long-term relational support. Our staff focus on strategies that reduce disparities, address historical sources of abuse, consider social determinants of health, and interrupt the generational transmission of risk to future populations. Wayside believes that women can and do experience fulfilling lives despite having struggled with trauma, addiction, and mental health concerns. Our role is to be an effective, caring partner in the journey of a woman’s recovery. There is hope. With appropriate care, education, support, and accountability, each woman can recover—no matter what has happened in her past. We recognize and honor the courage of a woman taking her first step and coming to Wayside.