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Job Search Skills for Introverts Looking for Addiction Studies Jobs

If you are searching for addiction studies jobs and consider yourself to be an introvert, all is not lost. There are a few helpful techniques that can help you land that perfect job.

Job Search Skills for Introverts Looking for Addiction Studies Jobs

An introvert, according to Wikipedia, is a person who prefers solitude over crowds.  On the other side of the spectrum, an extrovert enjoys crowds and draws in energy from interacting with other people.  I have always considered myself to be pretty much an introvert so understand the challenges of a job search and social situations that are uncomfortable.  I’m pretty much always able to power through it and find my inner extrovert for the occasion, however, if it’s really important.  There are people, though, who have real difficulty with this and find the notion of a job search and meeting strangers to be very stressful.  If this is you, here are a few things that you can do.

  • Make yourself visible in other ways as much as possible.  I don’t know about you but I can come off as super funny, witty and articulate in addiction studies jobswriting when I want to and then it can go out the window in person.  If this is you, capitalize on this and use your online networking resources to allow people to get to know you and your job search goals.
  • Practice everything.  I’ve done a little bit of public speaking and some radio interviews and I make it my mission to be as prepared as possible. If I have advance questions, I practice my answers (out loud) over and over again.  This leaves me much more prepared and relaxed when the real event is upon me.  I had one host tell me that I am the best radio interview she’s ever had – so relaxed and knowledgeable.  I wasn’t either of these. I was just prepared.
  • Listen carefully.  Many people underestimate the value of listening and some don’t do it all.  This is a valued skill.  If you can really listen to an interviewer and specifically address back to them some of the issues that they are bringing up, they will see that this is one of your strong suits and it will be noted.
  • Get out of your comfort zone.  One thing that we do as introverts is to think more and speak less.  This doesn’t work in a job interview.  The interviews would actually like to hear from you and quite a bit.  Extroverts tend to “think out loud” and you will need to learn how to do this for the sake of interviewing.  If you need to practice it to get the hang of it, do it.  One word answers, long pauses and silences are going to be the kiss of death.

The most important thing to take away from this is that many of the skills that you need to get through a hiring and interview process can be taught.  You can learn how to put yourself out there socially more for networking purposes and how to answer interview questions.  Being an introvert as you look for addiction studies job isn’t the end of the world if you follow these simple tips.

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