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Careers in Addiction – Check Out Our Radio Show!

Careers in Addiction was recently invited by City of Angels Recovery Radio (COARR) to create and produce a full hour radio show on careers in addiction.  We spent part of that hour going through several of the different careers and designations in addiction jobs and a few of the requirements for those positions.  A few that were covered were: Peer Support Specialist, Recovery Coach, Substance Abuse Prevention Specialist and the Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor.

In the second segment, we interviewed Elliott Hastings, who is a substance abuse counselor at Duffy’s Napa Valley Rehab.  Hastings gives us a great overview of the position, his education background and the daily life and challenges of working at a residential rehab facility.

In the final segment, we speak with Justin Rogers, who is a House Manager with Transformations by the Gulf.  Rogers went through rehab at this facility and started working there soon after completing his treatment.  We speak to him about entry-level positions in the substance abuse field as well as the rewards and challenges of working with others new in recovery on a professional level.

You can check out the replay of the Careers in Addiction radio show through the link below:

careers in addiction